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Two-Toned Kitchen: Depths Of Colours And Textures Have Been Served

Breaking down monochromatic interiors is just a starting point of any multidimensional kitchen’s potential. The main idea here is to provide your cooking area with a visually attractive, personal style and no compromise on quality. This guide is a set of tips and tricks on how to effectively combine materials and colours to obtain a kitchen with a multidimensional character.

1/ A combination of veneer and lacquered fronts

Neutral tones for starters

The palette of earthy colours and natural veneer is a harmonious combination, especially if you opt for off-white. Fronts in cool shades, such as Sand or Mushroom, go hand in hand with Natural Oak, creating a balanced composition. Lacquered upper cabinets in different shades of white emphasise the wood grain on the lower part of the fitted kitchen and create a space full of light.

A two-tone kitchen arrangement helps bring out its character and give depth while maintaining balance and harmony.

Upper cabinets: Lacquered Fronts, Sand, Pure model
Lower cabinets: Veneered Fronts, American Walnut, Stripe model
Vivid contrast on top of things

The real story here is the contrasting dialogue between dark wooden bits and light surfaces. Walnut fronts on the kitchen island create depth in the room only if they are accompanied with shades of white, such as our Limestone. The light countertop matches the walls and upper cabinets, balancing the wooden floor and the dark veneer of the cabinetry, owing to which the large kitchen is not an overwhelming blabber of tints.

Colour is on

The choice of bold colours defines creative people who are not afraid to tell exciting stories in their interiors. Using an intense colour on an island or one wall works well when the complementary colour and the rest of the room remain in the same tone – then the colourful fronts take over the dominant function and not fight with other kitchen components.

2/ Combinations of different models in colour blocks

Complementary forms to fit in

Using different models of fronts in the same colour and playing with their form is another way to create a multidimensional interior. In the Butter Yellow kitchen, the choice of the Wave model on the kitchen island emphasises its character and attracts attention. The combination of the rounded sides of the island with the rounded finish of the Modern handles makes the kitchen look fresh and even more alluring.

Kitchen island: Veneered Fronts, Natural Oak, Stripe model
Cabinets: Veneered Fronts, Natural Oak, Blade model
Combining textures to stand out

In a classic kitchen with one colour of veneer, the wood grain itself visually breaks up the form. The next layer should be introduced by combining different textures and varying the sizes of the built-ins – from the pantry, through the cabinets, to the island. Thanks to the combination of the smooth front in the Blade model and the more decorative Stripe one, the kitchen gains optical lightness.

Lacquered Fronts, Butter Yellow, Wave and Modern models

Multidimensional kitchens tell miscellaneous stories through different kinds of materials and colours. The cooperation of elements allows you to maintain harmony, so that the kitchen becomes a place where you can feel fully comfortable and at peace.

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