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Lisa’s Sustainable Kitchen Remodelling

In our FRØPT series, we embarked on a journey to visit Lisa and her family, who reside in a picturesque place at the foot of the majestic Austrian Alps.

Their lives exude tranquility and balance, as Lisa passionately surrounds herself with well-designed objects and shares her love for design, DIY tips, and culinary adventures on her blog and Instagram account.

Recently, Lisa and Christian decided to makeover the house and adapt it more to their current needs. In a kitchen chat with us, they share the story behind their decision to transform their home, the exciting challenge of designing their dream kitchen, and what their everyday life looks like.

Fronts model Blade and Stripe, Natural Oak, Norwegian Wood collection

What sparked your kitchen transformation and where did it start?

We moved into the house in the 70s with our family a few years ago. Its interior naturally evolves with the changing needs in our lives. As our family dynamics shifted with the arrival of our third child and our eldest daughter’s move to Vienna, we saw an opportunity to optimise our living space. I had always dreamt of connecting the kitchen and dining room, and I was determined to turn that dream into a reality.

Fronts model Blade and Stripe, Natural Oak, Norwegian Wood collection

We are curious about how the new interior reflects your lifestyle? 

Lisa: Life with children is a kaleidoscope of colours and boundless energy. I wanted our home to mirror that warmth and joy, to be a sanctuary that welcomes and embraces us. Our home is an extension of our personal style, a reflection of our unique tastes and preferences. I hope that as soon as you step through our doors, you can sense the essence of who we are.

Fronts model Blade and Stripe, Natural Oak, Norwegian Wood collection

And when it comes to the kitchen, it is the centre of your home now, what were your assumptions when you thought about this space?

It was important to me that the kitchen was well designed. From the beginning, I included an island that separates the living area from the kitchen and strategically placed the sink under a window to allow for natural light to flood the space. Attention to detail was paramount, as I sought to conceal gaps in the design and ensure a harmonious consistency of materials.

The Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit in the dining room to display items that members of the household enjoy.

How did you envision infusing your personal style into your new kitchen, considering your previous kitchen was white?

I opted for a unified colour palette for the entire kitchen. I desired a space that was clean and tidy, yet not sterile. Thanks to natural wood, the kitchen is now elegant, but also cosy. The chosen model of fronts accentuated the clean lines of the kitchen, enhancing its geometric aesthetics.

You have decided to combine your existing IKEA cabinets with our fronts. What did you like most about FRØPT?

Yes, we decided to keep the IKEA base from the previous kitchen as we wanted a sustainable design decision. The allure of the Norwegian Wood collection, particularly the Natural Oak fronts with the irresistible Stripe model on the island, won our hearts. Beyond the product’s aesthetic appeal and quality, we were impressed with the seamless ordering process, a testament to FRØPT’s unique benefits.

Blade model, Natural Oak, Norwegian Wood collection

You live in a house with a breathtaking view. Finally, tell us what are your rituals and what is life like at the foot of the Alps?

Even though we live in one of the smallest cities in Austria, our daily rituals are not fundamentally different from those in a big city. It may sound trivial, but I value this place for its peace. When I open the window, all I hear is birds singing. We live two minutes from the nearest forest and leaving the house feels like the beginning of an adventure. We often go days without using our car, opting to walk everywhere, as the town is well-connected by public transport, allowing us to easily access major cities in Austria. It all adds up to a high quality of life that our family deeply appreciates.

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