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Designing A Shelf That Delights With Harmony

Successful interior design involves attention to detail, because accessories are by no means trivial. It is the choice of ornaments and decoration that defines personal style. We tell you how to style your shelves so that they are eye-catching in their beauty.

Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit, American Walnut
Norwegian Wood Single Shelf, Smoked Oak

1/ Storytelling objects

Expressive items that catch the eye should become your base. Choose the ones you are particularly sentimental about. These can be souvenirs from your travels, objects associated with your favourite rituals and people. 

Art, ceramics, vintage objects, elements of nature and lighting will also introduce a good atmosphere. Candles will bring notes of fragrance and the iconic wireless lamps will illuminate with their charm. It is these objects that will become the dominant feature on the shelf, and at different levels of the bookcase that will set the rhythm of the composition and define its character.

Three ways to composition with a book:

> If you frequently reach for it, position it vertically, with its back to the front.

> Stacked horizontally, the albums will be a pedestal for displaying the decoration.

> Display a book with a beautiful cover vertically – the view of it will function like a painting.

Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit, American Walnut

2/ Contrast and harmony

The best composition is one that evokes emotion. Practically speaking, this means a balance based on contrasting combinations. Set the composition from the general to the particular, starting with the dominant objects and ending with the smaller ones. Arrange decorations on shelves in alternating heights. Place items at a manageable height.

When arranging the Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit, remember to maintain empty spaces to balance the higher density of objects. Utilise its full potential by using the side spaces of the bookcase to accent the composition with mugs, books or even small graphics and photographs. 


Asymmetrical arrangement of ornaments is key to the effectiveness of successful Norwegian Wood shelf styling. Be sure to create a sense of depth here. Like a Dutch still life, you’ll achieve this by placing objects at varying distances from the front edge.

3/ Controlled chaos

Play with textures, shapes and colour. Discover new combinations that awaken a sense of harmony to make styling a pleasure every time. A variety of forms, colours and textures will help. Combine elements of nature such as stones, shells, dried flowers or wabi-sabi wooden decorations with pieces from designers with a minimalist twist.

Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit, Natural Oak

Should you be closer to the artistic character of your home space, opt for colourful Murano glass, decorative figurines or wall ceramics designed by Ania Nogalska. Remember, rules are made to be broken, and you can incorporate the adjacent wall, floor and tabletop into your design.