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The home tells a story Berliners Max and Nico wrote

Max and Nico are a Berlin couple who are both involved in the fashion industry, and we recently had the opportunity to visit them in their home and talk about their shared passion for design. The duo’s living space echoes their creative personalities; they have developed their own cohesive interior design language, which is documented on their Instagram. The two unanimously emphasise that they draw inspiration from the streets of Berlin and that the living fabric of their flat is a process of constant creation.

Inside this perfectly balanced space you will find design icons, vintage elements, a pinch of art and tailored solutions that Max and Nico have installed according to their own ideas. 

They break up the austerity of their interior with the warmth of natural fabrics, materials and colourful accents in every room. 

Focusing the eye in the living room, the green artwork was painted by Max himself. Max and Nico’s home design collection includes projects by the Bouroullec brothers, and an iconic lamp designed by A. and P. Giacomo Castiglioni. Take a peek into their home and discover their personal interior ideas.

You work with fashion on a daily basis and express yourself through the language of visuality, but you also run a highly authentic profile dedicated to the interior of your flat on Instagram. Where do you find inspiration for creative challenges to work as visual merchandisers?

We usually seek inspiration from everyday life. It may sound very trivial to some, but we live in Berlin, a lively and multicultural city full of stimuli. Here, there is something new to discover every day. We also enjoy travelling, especially to European cities. Last on the map was Basel, full of contemporary art. It is during such getaways that we pick up plenty of ideas for our work.

Model Pure fronts, Natural Oak from Norwegian Wood Collection

In your home, bespoke solutions meet the atmosphere of a vintage townhouse; nothing here is a coincidence. Where did your passion for interiors come from?

We have both always had an immense passion for development and design. Since the start of our relationship, this fascination has only become stronger, as we wanted to create a versatile home that reflected the interior of both of us.


In the domestic space, you rely on bold styling, in which a lot of character is evident. What are your guiding principles when designing the interior of your home?

Arranging it is an ongoing process from which we derive enormous satisfaction. There is not one precise formula for a successful interior. We strive to create a visually coherent whole. When it comes to styling, we are concerned with a clear idea in which we identify suitable, eye-catching combinations. Living in harmony with your own creative and open-minded style is the key to success.

For the kitchen you chose Pure fronts and a Shelving Unit from our Norwegian Wood collection in Natural Oak veneer, what did this noble material bring to your space?

The importance for us was that the kitchen presented a clear and defined appearance. The premise was to build a coherent and dominant body from a single material. Finally, in the kitchen we chose base and wall cabinets complemented by a shelving unit that allows easy access to the most frequently used accessories. The natural oak we selected to subtly bring warmth to the austere of the design concept. The veneer grain matches our walls, which are partly covered with white tiles in a 1960s style. Through it all, the compilation of textures we love is readable as a finished whole.

Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit, Natural Oak

At FRØPT, we are committed to making it easy for everyone to create their own authentic kitchen space with access to the solutions and materials we have selected. Still, we are curious to know what your definition of a personal kitchen is?

This is where design meets with the utilitarian aspect. For us, the kitchen is an area of comfort that is a pleasure to return to after a long day. Therefore, there is no reason to sacrifice fine aesthetics in this space.


The atmosphere of your home is stunning; please reveal to us what guides your choice of items for your immediate surroundings?

Since we make a careful selection, we love each individual item. We strive to make conscious choices, on the principle that these are objects we use, so if a crack appears it should be accepted as an enriching element of the story.

Your style combines design classics with vintage furniture. What are the stories behind them?

First and foremost, we must emphasise that the majority of our design icons are vintage items. For example, the Diamond Chair by Knoll comes from a vintage shop in Berlin, which we found via Instagram. While decorating the flat, we also came across other surprising elements. Such as the Vitra Noguchi lamp that Nico bought from its previous owner. We love it when there is something behind an item, which is why we appreciate second-hand ones. This offers the opportunity to bring new life to them in our private space.


What do you like best about FRØPT?

Primarily for its unpretentious and unforced design, which does not pretend to be something it is not. We are equally concerned about democratic access to high-quality materials, which is particularly significant in this day and age.

And one final question, what makes you start a new day in a high spirits?

The answer is pretty simple. It’s the deep aroma of fresh coffee and music. At weekends we like a late breakfast of pancakes with fresh fruit, eaten at the round table in the kitchen. We hope you’ll feel that vibe as you listen to our playlist.