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The Essence Of The French Riviera’s Soul With Mattina Moderna

Photos: Clémentine, Mattina Moderna

They weave art and design into each of their creations, from ceramic lamps to lampshade decorations, redefining elegance through the fusion of Slow Design philosophy and traditional craftsmanship. Mattina Moderna  is a French brand founded by a mother-daughter duo who draws inspiration from the vibrant city of Nice. Bathed in the sun of the seaside town, their artistic expression comes to life, resulting in colorful and vibrant designs.

“I see my home as a series of curated nooks, little events unfolding throughout the day and in different lights.”

The co-founder of the brand, Clémentine, displays her passion for creation not only in their designs but also in shaping her immediate surroundings. Styling her living space is an endless process for her. She chose the Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit for her living room, which perfectly complements its mid-century classic ambiance atmosphere. In an inspiring conversation, she shared her ways of decorating personal space and her love for colours, which also fills the world of Mattina Moderna.

You run the Mattina Moderna brand, which creates unique lamps and decorations. We are delighted with the craftsmanship of these items. Tell us, what is Slow Design for you?

When we first started Mattina Moderna, my mother and I were far from imagining that we would one day be producing lamps. It really began as a hobby – thrifting vintage lamps and objects in our home region. Then, with the amazing response from our followers and increasing demand for unique finds, we started creating custom lampshades from deadstock fabrics with a local artisan. Every step felt very natural, and when we thought about creating lamps from scratch, ceramics were the obvious choice. Ceramics have that timeless and humble feel, rooted in tradition and a shared past. For us, that’s what slow design is about: creating the right number of pieces, with heart and extreme care, and sharing them in a very personal way.

You live in Nice, a colorful, vibrant city. How has it influenced what you do?

After 10 years of living in Paris, going back to my hometown has been a revelation. I guess I wouldn’t be the same person if it wasn’t for Nice. Everything here has a distinct flavor – the local products, the old city, the pines, the sun… you just have to look out the window to be inspired, and everything we do at Mattina Moderna is linked to it. It started as a very local project, and our love for colours, colour combinations, and patterns has Nice as its first influence.

Mother and daughter – why so much passion for creating? We are curious about the lamp-making process.

My mom has always been a very handy and creative person, always moving from one project to another, creating clothes, designing small objects, etc… and she definitely passed down her taste for creation and design, even though I wish I was half as handy as she is! When it comes to designing our lamps, the first step is always to create a blank canvas, with minimalistic shapes that would let us experiment with colours, like our Ombrellina, whose base is a cylinder issued with a checkered or striped pattern. Then we test our colour schemes in 3D before sending the chosen ones to our craftsman in Portugal. This process allows us to create exactly the right amount of pieces, without going through any sampling phases.


What does your home landscape look like? Is it also full of colour?

Colours are everywhere in my life. Even though I rent my apartment, I just can’t imagine living in a space with white walls – I swear I tried… For me, painting a room is literally life-changing. Every room has to have a definite personality. My bedroom is a playful space, with vibrant pink from wall to ceiling. The dining room is covered with all sorts of frames and objects in a crazy maximalist kind of way, and the living room is more laid-back and mature, with that classic mid-century vibe, and the walls are painted in a blue-grey color that gives the whole space a very timeless feel.

For the interior, you chose the Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit in a smoked oak shade. What was important when choosing this piece of furniture for the interior?

When I saw the Shelving Unit for the first time, I immediately knew it was the missing piece for my living room. In that particular space, cohesion is the most important feature. I was going for a mid-century aesthetic, and I was looking for furniture with beautiful materials – leather, wood, stone – and similar warm tones to contrast with the blue walls. The shelving Unit checked all the boxes. I put it next to a vintage de Sede sofa and a Menu Hashira floor lamp.

Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit in Smoked Oak

What key do you use to style your home?

Styling your home is really a matter of time and feeling; I never hesitate to change things when I feel like something is wrong or just for the sake of it! I always have a plan, I always see precisely how I’d like things to be, and, I gotta say, that’s almost never it! So I switch places, look for new ideas… In this case, though, everything was really easy – I knew the Shelving Unit had the perfect tone to go with the rest of the furniture I already had, and it found its place very naturally. The sofa has that beautiful brown patinated leather that is almost the same tone as the smoked oak of the shelf, and they both contrast very well with the Japanese paper of the lamp. I just love that corner; it’s warm and cozy.

What is your definition of personal space? What does your home space mean to you, and what is its importance?

I really see my home as a succession of curated nooks, small events revealing themselves throughout the day, and different lighting. Natural light is an essential part of interior design. I think personal space for me is simply a place where you can sit and do nothing, free of any obligation or schedule. Working from home, I found out with time that those moments are really needed and appreciated.


What do you like best about FRØPT?

Well, that might be the easiest of questions. Everything at FRØPT evokes great design. Natural materials, clean shapes, straight lines, and timeless colours – I’m here for it! When I first wandered through your website, I was that close to calling my landlord and making him redo the kitchen…

Mattina Moderna

French slow design studio. Supports and highlights local crafts. Project created by mother and daughter.

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