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A Proven Recipe For The Kitchen

We popping into Reinhard’s kitchen, a graphic designer from Berlin who loves to cook.

He really likes to spend time in his kitchen – listening to the radio, reading newspapers in his futon armchair by the window, or inviting friends for coffee and cake.

In our kitchen conversation, he revealed to us how he likes to be surrounded with materials at home, where he gets his inspiration and why he chose American Walnut fronts.

Stripe model, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

How does your kitchen reflect your lifestyle?
Growing up in an Austrian restaurant family, hospitality, food, and cooking have been part of my heritage since I can remember. This kitchen of course does not resemble our restaurant kitchen much, but it helped to select the right items to be prepared for any dish.


What role does the kitchen play in your apartment?
My kitchen is the only room in the apartment with direct sunlight, so I really enjoy spending time there. Listen to the radio, read newspapers on my futon chair at the window or have friends over for coffee and cake. Even though the living room is way more spacious, I like the cozy and sunny kitchen and the view into my green and quiet backyard.

Stripe model, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

Why did you decide to choose Stripe fronts for your kitchen?
I love wood – how it looks, how it feels, how it smells. Pretty much all my furniture is made of some sort of real wood, mostly beech or oak. The dark walnut fits perfect to the bright oak floor, and the Stripe fronts are a very crafty and elegant way to ease that otherwise a bit heavy look of the dark fronts in a small room like my kitchen is.


What do you like most about FRØPT?
Your sleek and modern design without any unnecessary decor. Originally I did not plan to buy an IKEA kitchen, but after I bumped into FROPT, I just had to.

Stripe model, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

What do your morning/weekend rituals look like in the kitchen?
I am a total daytime person and my favorite meal of the day is breakfast. I turn on the radio, prepare fruit, eggs, juice, bread, yogurt, squeeze coffee out of my coffee maker – whatever comes to mind. Working as a freelancer with mostly self-organized time, I can enjoy my morning routine with hardly any time pressure. On weekends I bake a fresh loaf of bread for the week.


How would you describe your interior design style?
Modern and simple. My furniture generally does not feature any decor in itself. Natural materials are very important to me. My grandfather was a passionate carpenter who managed to teach me a thing or two about the craft. Together we built most of the furniture in my apartment, which also came in handy when constructing the area where the dishwasher, dryer, and washing machine are in the kitchen. Everything is made of wood or natural fabrics like cotton or linen or wool. I try to avoid artificial fabrics/materials as much as possible.

Stripe model, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Magazines, friends, clients, and the internet of course. There’s a fantastic website called, featuring contemporary architecture and interior design. I love to gaze at every project they feature.


What does a personal kitchen mean to you?
A kitchen is a place to get together, it needs to be warm and cozy, but also smart and organized. I wish mine was larger, so I could host more people. Maybe in time. 🙂