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How To Enjoy A Kitchen With FRØPT In 5 Steps

Modern, inspired by nature, functional and comfortable. There are many challenges ahead of the new kitchen. We don’t have one recipe for yours, after all, each of us has a different lifestyle and preferences. However, we can tell you how you can plan the process of its preparation in 5 steps.

Terracota fronts from Terra collection

Prepare a kitchen design

Start planning your kitchen by preparing a functional design that will suit your needs. If you want to build a kitchen based on IKEA, it is best to work on the project with the help of a consultant in the store or use the help of a designer. Remember that when you buy from IKEA, you delete fronts from the list and order cabinets with internal equipment, adding the necessary hardware and hinges.

If your kitchen will be made by a carpenter, but you want to supplement it with our fronts, then ask him to provide a list of the necessary elements and we will prepare an appropriate quote.

American walnut from Norwegian Wood collection

Get inspired

There are many places where you can find inspiration, but we can also help you with that. In one of the first steps, you can subscribe to our newsletter and regularly receive the latest kitchen projects with FRØPT fronts.

You don’t know yet what color of fronts will suit your interior properly? Our samples will help you make a decision. You can choose earth colors from the Terra collection or natural veneer colors selected for the Norwegian Wood collection.

Or maybe you are only considering American Walnut? Then it is worth reading our post about natural veneer. You will learn from it what characterizes this material and what we value its beauty for.

For a daily dose of inspiration, join our community on Instagram and Pinterest.

Raw MDF fronts from Terra collection

Complete the fronts

When you have the project ready, you can prepare the FRØPT shopping list yourself and place an order using our configurator on the website. And if you want to make sure that your fronts are properly matched to the design before the final purchase, please send us a link to your shopping list along with the design for final consultation. 

If you know the exact list of the fronts you need, their types, and sizes, but you have a problem with completing the appropriate elements, just contact us. We will be happy to prepare a quote for the necessary elements for you and answer all your questions.

Sand fronts from Terra collection

Expect delivery

Now you can make a coffee, play your favorite playlist and focus on other things with the feeling of a job well done. We will send the fronts to you 9 to 11 weeks after paying for the order. You will have time to prepare for pickup, as the shipment can be large and heavy depending on the size of the order. You will receive the order by courier or shipping company. In both cases, it will be delivered to the address provided, but not brought directly to your home.

Arrange assembly

You are very close to enjoy your new kitchen, the last step remains – assembly. We do not offer this service, but the installation of FRØPT fronts looks the same as IKEA fronts. If you want your fronts to be properly installed, your kitchen properly leveled, and the whole process to run smoothly, we recommend that you use the services of a professional.

It is best to arrange the assembly when we inform you about the final shipment date of the fronts. If you decide to arrange the assembly of the fronts with the assembly of the IKEA base – then when placing the order in IKEA, indicate that it will be assembly with your own fronts.

Raw MDF fronts, Pure and Brush models from Terra collection

As you can see, although initially “kitchen design” sounds like a big challenge, in practice this process can be carried out efficiently and without unnecessary stress. Now all you have to do is just sit in your new kitchen and enjoy your day. And don’t forget to send us photos or show off your kitchen by tagging us on Instagram