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Harmony And Calm In Alpes

Meet Claudi, mum and photographer, and the author of the Travel little one blog, our new Frøpt friend from the Bavarian Alps.

Claudi finds beauty in simple things and mindful life. She shows on her Instagram how to get pleasure from the little moments every day. In the kitchen, Claudi pursues her passion for cooking, for her it is also a place to spend time with her family.

It is here where they laugh together while drinking a lot of coffee, secretly empty the box of chocolates, or seek a respite when they need time for themselves.

Claudia’s kitchen is peaceful, full of harmony and natural materials.

She gave up the upper cabinets in favor of a “floating” shelf. For the lower cabinets and the island built on the basis of IKEA she chose veneered fronts Natural Oak in the Stripe model and combined it with Eclipse handles from Plankton dla domu.

Stripe model, Natural Oak fronts, Norwegian Wood collection

How does your kitchen reflect your lifestyle?

The kitchen is the heart of our house, with the open dining area it is the place where we come together and spend most of our time. „Love goes through the stomach“, is a German proverb – we just like to cook and eat together. We consciously and gladly take our time for this!

Stripe model, Natural Oak fronts, Norwegian Wood collection

What do you like most about FRØPT?

The individual design options, for example, color requests according to RAL colors, just as with a kitchen builder, but with the big bonus that you don’t have to buy a completely new kitchen but can continue to use the Ikea base cabinet system.


What is your definition of a personal/curated kitchen?

In the optimal case, it is the kitchen that you don’t want to change anything, as it perfectly meets your needs!