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Texture And Depth In A Modernist Twist

The Terracotta-colored fronts were Magda’s favorite since day one. And she is delighted when Odwzorowanie’s clients share her enthusiasm for distinct and deep tones.

This Warsaw-based apartment is proof of this admiration. Harmony, you can see here, was achieved by the marriage of natural textures with earth colors.

Modern Model, Terracotta, Terra Collection

The apartment is located in a building of a modernist shape. The maxim “form comes from the function” is also visible on the plan of the apartment. And the harshness of the layout is additionally emphasized by the use of natural plasters on the walls.

Ewa, the owner of the apartment, immediately ruled out hanging cabinets or shelves in favor of exposing a mosaic of tiles composed of fragments of “broken” glaze. In terms of the color of the fronts, she didn’t have any preferences, but we knew what could work there perfectly.

“Thank you for making me realize that I dream of a terracotta kitchen!” said Ewa, the apartment owner, when she saw the first drawing and we can’t agree more.
Modern Model, Terracotta, Terra Collection

The kitchen countertop is a natural marble with a subtle pattern. The same stone was used as the base for a custom-made table. Design classics have been invited to the table: Vitra chairs, Menu and the Gras wall lamp, and the woven painting by Agnieszka Owsiany is the final touch of the dining room.

The kitchen transitions into a living room of a simple form that allows you to calm down and relax under the light of the Akari standing lamp. Opposite the sofa was the Tylko bookcase, which took up the entire width of the wall. Above it, a painting by Iwona Kobryń, a photograph by Aneta Grzeszykowska, and another catch in the tasteful lighting collection – a green Lexaval lamp was hung.

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