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From Experiencing, To The Perfect Kitchen

Ordered and harmonious space, connected with the living room by a kitchen island, with a window overlooking the garden.

In such a place it is pleasant to start the day slowly or to relax during the weekend while cooking with your loved ones. Małgorzata knew her needs very well, so she could design her new kitchen on her own. In an interview with us, she revealed what was most important to her in this process.

Where does your passion for interior decoration come from?
I am neither an architect nor an interior decorator by education, but since my childhood, I have a deeply rooted need to arrange things around myself so that they “fit together”. I remember that, when I was a child, I would put various small items on a shelf in my room, to arrange certain “ideas” together. Long, long after, out of curiosity, I started looking for some rules about proportions in design and the meaning of colours. I also admit that to relax I can disappear for long hours on Pinterest, watching the interior implementations and projects.

What was the most important in planning the kitchen? 
Aesthetics, it was supposed to please the eye. The functionality of the kitchen has been proven over the last 15 years. In our new house, we decided to demolish the brick wall that used to separate the dining room from the kitchen, to create a kitchen island and thus get a view of the garden while cooking. As for the kitchen furniture itself, we decided to replace the old cabinets with the new ones.

American walnut in Stripe model

How does your kitchen reflect your lifestyle?
I’ve been trying to simplify everything lately. After the period of “storm and pressure”, when the house was dominated by small children and there were plenty of unnecessary items, the kitchen was to become not only a functional place but also an eye-catching place.

What do you like best about FRØPT?
Natural materials and earthy colours that are timeless.

What are your kitchen rituals?
Family cooking and that’s what the island was supposed to help with. And I must admit that providing each of our family of five with a place, works perfectly! And Also for those who just want to peek and talk, but also to be in the dining room.

Is the interior you live in important to you and why?
I am convinced that the interiors we are in influence our mood. I like order and harmony in them, but not boredom.

What does a personal kitchen mean to you?
It is not only a kitchen in which I will intuitively find what I am looking for but also a kitchen where I will smile when I enter it in the morning to make coffee.

Małgorzata’s kitchen is built on the METOD cabinets, supplemented with American Walnut fronts in the Stripe model.