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Oak In The Lead Role

Natural materials, discreet colours – these are the main components of the kitchen design in this single-family house in Wrocław. Entering it, even for a moment there is no doubt that it is just as its owners dreamed of.

Natural Oak fronts in Blade model

In this case, the design challenge was to seize the tricky layout of the room that connects the two parts of the building. The monumental kitchen flows smoothly right through it, opening onto the dining area with a kitchen island. The space is warm, cozy, but also minimalist. This effect was achieved thanks to the used materials – the veneer dominating the kitchen furniture – Natural Oak from the Norwegian Wood collection, which perfectly matches with the Pure fronts varnished in a Sand shade; a sintered quartz worktop, and glass household appliances in champagne colour. Moreover, in order to highlight the dividing lines of the cabinets, as well as to be able to resign from additional unnecessary elements, milled Blade handles were used in the design of the oak fronts.

Natural Oak in Blade model

“In our project, we focused on the earthy tones, though with different textures. Despite the use of a wide span of materials, it seems that a consistent effect has been achieved; a space that calms one down, soothes the nerves, and, above all, is tailored to the style and taste of the investors” – emphasizes the designer, Igor Sikorski, Studio Sinterio.

Natural Oak in Blade model