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How To Bring Nature Into The Home?

Lisa lives with her family in the picturesque Rhenium Valley, a place which, thanks to its natural values, encourages activity in green oases or immense vineyards. From the very first words, she emphasizes how important the relationship with nature is for her in everyday life. She wanted to include part of the forest that surrounds her house inside.

Lisa chose American Walnut fronts in the Modern model for the design of her kitchen.

Natural veneer with its shade and texture warmed and added character to the interior of her kitchen. We asked how she feels there now.

Modern Model, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

How does your kitchen reflect your lifestyle?

We live in the city but we love nature and spending time outside whenever we can. So we wanted to bring nature into town using wooden fronts, making our kitchen cozy and comfortable. We also strive for a more simple life, decluttered, so we are able to concentrate on beauty every day. The design of our kitchen does resemble this by its pure and simple yet beautiful design.


What was most important for you in planning the kitchen?

For me, it’s two things: design and functionality. Especially in a kitchen which is a working space and where every move should be intuitive. Since we moved into an old building and unfortunately our possibilities were limited, so I mostly focused on the design of our kitchen.

Modern Model, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

Is the kitchen more important than other places in your apartment?

A clear yes! Our kitchen is definitely the highlight of our new home. We have torn down walls to make it an open space connected to the hall and with open doorways to the living room. Before, we had separate rooms for dining and cooking. Now we finally have one room, where we can cook and dine, welcome family and friends, and where the kids can do their homework or paint while I am cooking. A room full of life, a room to spend time together.

What do you like most about FRØPT?

The beautiful natural materials and the simple, clear design.


What is your definition of a curated kitchen?

It’s a space where you feel comfortable and happy every time you enter.

Modern Model, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

What do your morning/weekend rituals look like in the kitchen?

During the week getting 3 kids ready is always a bit chaotic. But we still all have breakfast together before we leave the house. On the weekends we usually have a later breakfast and make pancakes. My personal morning moment in the kitchen is when all kids have left the table and I have those 5 minutes just for myself, finishing my coffee before I start the day.

Modern Model, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection
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