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The Only Blue Splash Allowed In Your Kitchen

The sea colour of lacquered fronts and the amber-tinted American Walnut in the Stripe model is complemented by the white conglomerate top and micro concrete on the walls. Could such a combination work? The kitchen of the designer Joanna Król gives us strong confirmation that it can!

Joanna is fully engaged in the design process of her home; she independently supervises the implementation and cares for every detail. On her Instagram one can follow the makeover of each room and have a peek at how the entire space takes on its exceptional shape.

The kitchen, thanks to the choice of materials and textures, fits perfectly within the rest of the house. It accommodates favourite accessories, allows to cook comfortably and to spend time with the family; it simply reflects the style of the household.

Stripe Model, Veneer: AmericanWalnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

Functionality was the most important factor for Joanna while designing this space. Although she loves beautiful interiors and objects, functionality is always the first violin. She begins each of her projects with a deep analysis of the space and ergonomics, and selects colours only at the end – it was no different in the case of her own home.

The kitchen was planned with the use of the Metod kitchen base supplemented with FRØPT fronts. Joanna settled on this solution due to many proven solutions, which, combined with our fronts, allowed her to have a kitchen tailored to individual needs without waiting for long terms at the carpenters.

Pure Model, Custom Sea Shade, Lacquered Fronts

The top colour of the cabinets was selected by Joanna herself from the NCS colour palette, and the choice fell on her favourite sea hue. The lower cabinets and the kitchen island are veneered fronts – classic American walnut in the Stripe model from the Norwegian Wood collection.

Under the influence of sunlight, the natural veneer of the kitchen acquires amber shades, which in combination with the vibrant colour of the lacquered fronts and the micro concrete on the wall give the entire room a phenomenal ambience.