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Clutter-Free Home Storage

Home is where we spend our leisure time, but today also where we often engage in professional duties. All of its contemporary functions make the adequate organisation of the space important for our wellbeing.

We would like to introduce you to some simple solutions for storage. They will allow you to organise your kitchen, bedroom and home office functionally, while remaining in tune with your style and personal needs.

Kitchen Hideouts

In the kitchen, well-arranged space is of particular importance.

Cutlery, accessories and crockery ought to be optimally organised in easily accessible drawers. For storing pots, containers and other kitchen utensils, a spacious kitchen cupboard or pantry will work well.

Oak Wooden Drawers

However, even here, there may be items that you want to keep on hand at all times. For these, the Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit and Single Shelf are the perfect solution. The open shelves will allow you to display your favourite recipe book or teacup so you can create a personal style.

Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit, American Walnut
Norwegian Wood Single Shelf, Smoked Oak

Customised kitchen cabinets, with fronts from our collections Memphis, Norwegian Wood or Terra, will keep things tidy and also ensure that you enjoy spending your time indoors.

Bedroom Solutions

Maintaining harmonious arrangement in the bedroom will ensure a restful night’s sleep. A suitably sized wardrobe will store all your clothes, bedding and accessories. But it’s not just its function that counts – make sure you choose fronts and handles that match the overall design of the room. This will help you start the day in high spirits.

Wardrobe PAX, Pure lacquered fronts, interior design: Małgorzata Jaworska

You can personalise your PAX wardrobe with fronts, side panels and a bottom plinth, and adjust their colour and size in our front configurator.

Wardrobe PAX, fronts and panels Natural Birch, Stripe and Pure models

Another solution for enriching the bedroom space is a chest of drawers or cabinet. Here, you can store underwear, cosmetics and other essentials. If you add a mirror to the top, this personal piece of furniture can also be used as a dressing table.

Natural Birch fronts, Modern model, Norwegian Wood collection

Working From Home Creativity

In your home office, you can apply our IKEA hack: build up the walls with lower Metod cabinets, combined with our fronts and panels. This will create additional storage space that can also serve as seating. Use the PAX system to create a storage cupboard for documents, work materials and office stationery. Enjoying your lovely office without distractions all around means better productivity and a more pleasant coffee break.

Fronts ready to store your items