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Behind The Scenes: FRØPT Team

Snacking the chocolate mousse for a pischinger, making dumplings together, or preparing preserves. Our first memories of the kitchen do not relate directly to the place itself but go to loved ones with whom we spent time.

Thanks to this, the kitchen is a place associated with warmth, scents, taking care of yourself and others.

Regardless of whether we cook a lot or not, the kitchen is an important part of our homes. We like to spend time there and we want it to be a personal space where we feel good and at ease. For us, the kitchen is not only a room for preparing meals but also a meeting place and simply being together.

For 4 years, we have been taking you on a journey from inspiration to your dream personal kitchens. See now what we privately think about the kitchen and everything related to it.

Gabriel, Customer Care

What dish would you prepare for your friends?

I spent my childhood in France, so I love Mediterranean cuisine. For me cooking for friends is fun! Currently, I get the most inspiration from Italian cuisine, so at the beginning, I would definitely serve bruschetta, along with fresh tomatoes, basil, and olive pesto. And for the main course definitely tiella barese. This is a traditional Apulian dish – potatoes with rice and mussels, the best dish I have ever eaten!

Aga, Customer Care

What is your first kitchen memory?

My first association goes to the person who prepared the food for me, my grandmother. It was in the kitchen where we spent long hours together. She taught me how to make dumplings and other noodles, and most of all, preserves with vegetables from our backyard garden. Today I am taking advantage of it by planning meals for my vegetarian diet.

Øla, Communications

At what moments do you think about something that is personal, yours? Is it important to you?

For me, the feeling that something has personal value – is mine – is very important. These are certain situations in which I use this item to do something that matters to me, such as a brass fountain pen for writing down my grandma’s dish recipes, which I saved money for. I want such an item to accompany me for a long time – that’s why I know that I have to take care of it and I do it with pleasure!

Aly, Design

Have your culinary preferences changed over the course of your life, if so – how?

I was never able to long, traditional recipes and I had no idea how to cook “by heart”. Now I can make “something out of nothing” and have a lot of fun doing it! Certainly, now I pay much more attention to eating healthy.

Kasia, Co-founder

What is most important to you in a kitchen where you feel good?

I cannot imagine a kitchen in my house without a shelf with my favourite ceramics. I love drinking green tea in my cups, and as I brought them from my dream trip to Japan, I have a special fondness for them.

Magda, Co-founder

Why is the kitchen the most important room in every home?

I never thought so. The kitchen has always been a symbol of hard work and household chores for me. In turn, as a designer, I noticed how stressful it is for everyone to design the perfect kitchen. That is why I decided to make kitchen planning decisions a pleasure, and make the kitchen a part of the home where we are happy to create our memories every day.