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Swedish Lapland Named Home

Swedish Lapland is where Nicole Castillo, a Chilean photographer, has set her very own realm on Earth. Nicole’s heart is filled with passion for history, love for aesthetics and the energy rooted in nature. Recently, she decided to renovate her kitchen, choosing our Honest Blue fronts, which brought back memories of the inimitable Pacific’s azure. Get to know Nicole’s story and her inspiring approach to life and interiors.

When did your passion for interiors begin?

While studying history in Santiago de Chile, I became interested in art history and started working in a museum. At that time, I was particularly interested in the aesthetics of various historical periods, which turned into an interest in interiors, which eventually became a form of expressing myself.

Nicole Castillo's house

You grew up in Chile, met your partner Andreas there and moved to Sweden. What is the most fascinating aspect about life in the High North?

A beautiful landscape, especially in summer, with outdoor activities and all the mystery of the forests to discover. As a family, we love kayaking, fishing, bird watching and we explore the forest together in search of mushrooms. Winter here means long weeks without sun, then everything turns blue and the conditions are more demanding. However, the people of northern Sweden are very hospitable which helped tremendously to create a pleasant atmosphere to live in.


How do you stay fit during the winter months in northern Sweden?

In Chile I used to do bodyboarding on the ocean. The sport was an important part of my daily routine. That’s why in winter I take vitamin D supplements and go climbing, along with a group of friends and my children at a club in Skellefteå. That helps maintain good endorphin levels.

Honest Blue, Pure model

How does your space reflect your personal style?

I love vintage and antique items, but I appreciate the beauty of modern design as well. Hence I enjoy intertwining the two. My home is a playground, filled with quirky details and carefully designed furniture, art and wit in everything. I mix my Chilean self with objects that I have seen before and that portray value to me.

Nicole Castillo’s house interior

Which items are particularly important to you?

A photo of a Chilean fisherman that my husband took after that one particularly severe earthquake in northern Chile, during which we met. A MOAI stone sculpture from Easter Island in Chile, because having a part of my beloved country in our home is one of my non-negotiables. And last but not least, the old dining room table aka the first item that Andreas and I bought together in England.

Honest Blue, Blade and Pure models, curved Panels

You opted for fronts from the Memphis Collection for the kitchen. What guided your decision?

I adore this shade of blue, which is rare to be found in kitchens. I chose the curves and the Blade model because of its clean lines. Initially I was planning a colourful kitchen, so the form had to be plain and smooth so as not to overwhelm the eyes.


What do you value FRØPT for?

I appreciate the process of combining elements, the fact that you can buy kitchen cabinets in IKEA in a simple and affordable way, and completely adapt the design to your personal vision, creating a new quality aligned with your needs.

Honest Blue, Blade and Pure models, curved Panels

What is your favourite book, work of art and music piece?

“Sophie’s World” by Norwegian writer Jostein Gaarder is my absolute favourite book and I recommend it to everyone. The work of art has got to be a painting titled “Waiting” by Alex Russell Flint. I love music and I cannot properly work without it. One of my favourite songs is “Doesn’t Remind Me” by Audioslave.

Photography: Nicole Castillo

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