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FRØPT x Hrabina Bistro: Tender Moments To Share

Personal spaces run on diverse inspirations. We constantly strive to explore new ones that would elevate your homes. One of the most notable occurrences that did just that was the culinary affair curated by Małgosia Bochenek. She extended her hospitality, enveloping us in the authentic ambiance of Hrabina Bistro. Simultaneously, she created an atmosphere that was both intimate and sincere for the dinner.

On this exceptional evening, we gathered around the table to surrender ourselves to the culinary delights and to collectively enjoy the most carefree time.

We want to share these beautiful moments with you and the exceptional atmosphere of Cracow, pass along its warmth and foster a yearning to reunite with loved ones at the festive table.

Special thanks to everyone who was a part of that event making it beyond memorable.