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Elevating Kitchen’s Depths With Selected Objects

Taking in what surrounds us can be a compelling endeavour of reliving the past’s highlights. The most inherent part of every personal space is that it is personal. Carefully curated pieces form the surroundings of each individual in a way that lines up with their very own story. Smoothly eluding copying trends and leaning towards developing distinctive styles with objects that both complement functional realms and make sense only to their owners.

Exhibition curated by you

Woven image art by Agnieszka Owsiany beside the Terracotta kitchen

Japanese postcard

The interplay of functional design and emotional value sprinkled around the interior makes up for its potentially unrelatable rawness. Wall pieces comprising ones designed by esteemed artists can lift up the spirits and create ambience that promotes reminiscing – cherished memories as well as inspirations they once evoked.

Painting by Ania Nogalska beside American Walnut kitchen

Ceramic plates from FRØPT x Ania Nogalska collection on office walls beside Smoked Oak kitchenette

Staying faithful to order, that is defined by hues of the art or frame’s material corresponding to the tones of the space, allow for tying up both spheres seamlessly. Abstract and bold shapes, represented by the art itself, infuse the amount of muddle that does not confuse, instead adds novel freshness to the kitchen.

Hands on ceramics

Handcrafted ceramic bowls

Knick-knacks on the Shelving Unit in Natural Oak

If functionality in the kitchen could speak, ceramics would sing harmonically the loudest. During the span of the entire day, they go hand in hand making sure the ultimate comfort stays intact, which segues to the very hands that, in most scenarios, are responsible for moulding miscellaneous bowls, mugs or plates we keep in our collections. Earthenware has always been the leading souvenir enthusiastically brought back from travels. Its pragmatic value, paired with the personally determined aesthetic preferences, revives often times neglected shelves of the kitchen, making them that much more alluring.

Booking a personal space

A Cookbook on a Norwegian Wood Single Shelf

A Cookbook on a Shelving Unit in Natural Oak

The perpetual need to (ful)fill our interiors with meaningful words, carefully printed on gloss or matte paper, takes over on myriad various occasions scattered throughout the year. Every book carries a different role – some instruct how to cook, some portray the captivating psychomachia topos and some others walk us through lives of admired designers. Whatever style is to embellish a shelving unit or a coffee table, it needs to stand out for its possessor. Let juggling genres and beguiling covers foster dialogue as well as be a spot on conversation starters.

Shed a light

Missaliance Lexavala lamp in the American Walnut kitchen

Zangra wall light in the Terracotta kitchen

Illuminating the mundane and the exceptional. Impacting the mood every step of the way. Often underrepresented, surely getting a spotlight now. Lighting draws with its brightness, setting a proper mood of the kitchen and ambience in any given room.

Wall light designed by Le Corbusier in the Smoked Oak kitchen

Missaliance Lexavala lamp above the kitchen island in the Smoked Oak veneer

A lamp is what holds the function of lighting, bestowing it upon a particular form enchanting to the residents. Whether the lamp is destined to enrich a table, floor, overhead, wall or a desk, the basic source of it should align with the purpose of the space.

Not only does the kitchen bring people together, but it also serves as a room with countless uses – say a coffee/tea making station, a meeting area, a relaxing room, a workspace, a place emanating the most exquisite spark. Designing the curated kitchen that would bring comfort and peace is a vital task for the dynamics of the entire home. It’s like a centrepiece that is determined by the overall frame of the main pieces, but defined by silent heroes.

Create your personal kitchen with our designs