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Choosing A Kitchen Countertop: Stone Or Quartz?

Deciding on the right countertop is nothing short of a milestone in the kitchen designing process. Its material affects the quality of use and the final outcome of the project. Among the many available options, we have prepared recommendations that match our fronts most, i.e. natural stone and quartz countertops. See what each of them has to offer in the name of enhancing your kitchen with your very own personal choice.

1/ Stone of nature

Natural stone has long been appreciated in different sorts of interiors. Its greatest advantage is uniqueness resulting from nature’s unpredictability.

Granite countertop, Pure Fronts, American Walnut

A granite countertop is one of the finest ones – it is solid and stands out for its spectacular look. Being exceptionally resistant to mechanical damage, scratches, stains and heat enables effortless use throughout many years.

Granite countertop, Blade Fronts, Smoked Oak

Granite naturally comes in a wide range of colours and patterns, allowing selecting a piece that suits the individual style.

Marble countertop, Pure Fronts, Baltic Sea

Marble has charmed people with its elegant appearance and vein patterns for centuries. However, it is a softer material than granite, so it requires careful approach during any kitchen activity. It is a luxurious and refined option that brings aesthetics to a museumesque level.

Limestone countertop on an kitchen island
Travertine countertop, Wave Fronts, Butter Yellow
Other types of stone

An alternative to granite and marble are sophisticated stones, such as limestone or travertine, with a more porous structure. Their appeal does not go hand in hand with the most advanced durability though, so they are recommended to be employed in covering areas that are not of an intense use.

When choosing a stone countertop:

1/ Work with reputable suppliers or monumental masons who use only high-quality materials;

2/ Visit a wholesaler or a factory to personally select a specific stone slab, taking into account its colour, pattern and veining;

3/ Engage qualified contractors who will take accurate measurements of the kitchen and professionally install the countertop.

2/ Quartz countertop for modern needs

Ease of processing, repeatability of patterns, followed by antibacterial properties are some of quartz’s most valued assets. The most popular types of the stone are sintered quartz and conglomerate – each of them conveying unique features.

Quartz sinter, Blade Fronts, Natural Oak
Quartz sinter

Hardened by firing in hybrid furnaces powdered minerals such as granite, sand or ceramic pigment. Resistant to high temperatures, sintered quartz is produced in a wide range of colours and patterns. It can take on the appearance of stone, concrete or even wood. Quartz sintered countertop can be made thinner compared to that of other materials, which allows complementing unobtrusive interiors.

Quartz conglomerate, Stripe Fronts, American Walnut
Quartz conglomerate

Such countertops are made of ground stone with the addition of other minerals and resins. This solid material resists scratches and stains, which simplifies cleaning the surface significantly. A wide selection makes it easy for the conglomerate to precisely fit any kind of expectations – mostly owing to subtle, repeatable patterns.

When choosing a quartz countertop:

1/ Work with a reputable manufacturer specialising in quartz materials whose approach meets your requirements;

2/ Get samples that will allow you to choose a pattern and a colour aligning with your kitchen design;

3/ Engage craftsmen who will carefully measure your kitchen and prepare a custom-made countertop that will fit seamlessly;

4/ Do not forget that professional installation ensures a perfectly fitted and durable countertop.

Quartz conglomerate, Blade and Stripe Fronts, Natural Oak

When choosing a kitchen countertop, it is worth considering your needs within the bounds of appearance and functionality of the material. Natural stone and quartz countertops present many visual benefits, but before purchasing, remember that each has different requirements in terms of care and use.

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