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How To Enjoy A Kitchen With FRØPT In 5 Steps

A well-curated kitchen is not only a place for preparing meals, it is also a space that reflects the personality of the house. It should be an honest response to your individual needs and preferences. By choosing our selected collections and bespoke solutions for IKEA cabinets, you will be able to make decisions that translate into the quality of your space. Let these five steps help you plan your new kitchen with FRØPT.

1 / Get inspired

Pure Model and Dividers, Veneer: Natural Oak, Norwegian Wood Collection

The first step towards your personally sought-after kitchen means collecting the right inspirations. At FRØPT, we create thoughtful collections based on trends and solutions rooted in product selection. Regardless of whether you browse our Journal or follow us on Instagram or Pinterest, you will find tips and ideas that will enrich your new kitchen with harmony and elegance, improving the ambience in the entire home space.

On the lookout for some kitchen inspiration?

2/ Prepare the project

Wave Model, Color: Limestone, Terra Collection
Wooden Drawers made of solid oak

The next step is to prepare a functional project. You already know that our fronts are drilled to match the bodies of IKEA METOD kitchen cabinets. You can also order FRØPT fronts for custom-made bodies, in which case the holes for the hinges will be prepared by your carpenter.


If you want to build a kitchen with IKEA, prepare a project in the IKEA Planner or seek assistance from a consultant in the store. When purchasing bodies with internal equipment, remove fronts from the list and add the necessary accessories and hinges.

Remember that our offer also includes wooden drawers made of solid oak, which will enhance your everyday experience of using the kitchen.

Planning a kitchen?

3/ Choose your fronts

Pure Model, Veneer: Natural Oak, Norwegian Wood Collection

If you already have a clear vision and a finished project uploaded in the IKEA planner, now it’s time to complete the list of fronts, cover panels and plinths in our products configurator. All these elements will allow you to create a bespoke kitchen, tailored to the very dimensions of your space.


You are planning to have your kitchen cabinets made by a carpenter, but you want to complement them with FRØPT fronts? Send a list of the necessary elements to our customer care team to receive an individual estimate.

If you want to make sure that all the components have been selected correctly before purchasing, please send us a link to your shopping list and your kitchen design. Do not hesitate to contact us if you know the list of necessary elements, their types and sizes, but you need help in completing the list.

We will help you double check your shopping list and answer your questions
Take care of your kitchen space by choosing our products

4/ Arrange installation service

Pure Model, Veneer: American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection
Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit

Installing FRØPT fronts to cabinet bodies is similar to those from IKEA. To ensure that the kitchen is stable and properly leveled, we recommend that the entire kitchen be installed by a qualified professional. It is best to arrange it only when you receive the order shipping date from us.

5/ Expect delivery

Wave and Modern Models, Color: Butter Yellow, Memphis Collection

All products are manufactured in Poland to individual order, so the waiting time for kitchen elements is 9 to 11 weeks. We deliver orders throughout the EU and the UK, Sweden and Norway to your door.

Your personalised kitchen order is made as part of sustainable production, and you are guaranteed a product of outstanding quality.
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