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4 Things You Wanted To Know About Natural Veneer, But Never Asked

There are two main types of veneers – it can be a modified material – created with human interference, with repetitive graining and uniform dyeing produced in an artificial way, and natural veneer.

Working on the Norwegian Wood collection, we decided to use natural veneer, which is an authentic and noble material created in a natural way.

But what is natural veneer anyway and what are its characteristics? We’ve highlighted 4 crucial things to know about veneers before the purchase. Find out what is behind its imperfect beauty.

Natural oak from Norwegian Wood collection

The element of nature in your home

The fronts from the Norwegian Wood collection are finished with natural veneer – a material that is obtained from thin slices of tree trunks, thanks to which its structure retains the character and beauty of real wood. It is sustainable, strong, and durable.

American walnut from Norwegian Wood collection

The unpredictability of nature

Just like in nature every tree is different, the veneer produced from that tree will also be different in each case. Thus, specific orders can have a unique shade of veneer. Imperfections occurring in the material are not a defect, but a natural feature emphasizing the character of the wood.

American walnut from Norwegian Wood collection

The veneer selection

All of our veneers are sourced from European forests which are managed in a sustainable way. For our collection, we decided to work with oak, walnut, and birch veneers.


The natural veneer is a timeless choice and never goes out of style. Our veneer palette goes from subtle, light tones to dark and strong feels. All of them are instant classics.

Smoked oak from Norwegian Wood collection

Get yourself familiar with our Norwegian wood veneer collection. On our website, you can configure your fronts to your kitchen or wardrobe in any 5 natural veneers selected by us.