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How To Create A Bespoke Kitchen In Three Ways

It is said that the kitchen is the most important part of the house. This special room should be customised to suit your needs and those of the rest of the household. It is all about functionality and fulfilling individual aesthetic demands. However, arranging a kitchen does not have to be difficult. We tell you how to design a bespoke kitchen with our fronts, cover panels, and shelves.

Blade, Natural oak veneer, Norwegian Wood Collection

Kitchen on a base from IKEA

In the configurator on our website, you have the option to choose fronts, bottom plinths, side, and cover panels for the base of the METOD kitchen system and PAX wardrobes from IKEA.


If you choose cabinets from IKEA, our fronts will be pre-drilled for hinges to fit them. Choosing masking panels and a bottom plinth for your kitchen will allow you to cover all the spaces between the cabinets and the wall, literally from ceiling to floor. With the side panel, you will mask the bodies of the wall cabinets. In this way, the colour of the cabinet bodies will be covered and the entire kitchen will gain stylistic coherence. You can either enter a specific panel size in the configurator, or order a larger piece and cut it to size with a professional during assembly.

Whether you select the Norwegian Wood, Terra, or Memphis collections, each can be configured to suit your needs.

Pure, MDF colour, Terra Lacquered Fronts Collection

If you decide on METOD kitchen cabinets, but they don’t fully meet your expectations in terms of dimensions, ask your IKEA consultant and then your installer during setup to adjust the dimensions to fit your kitchen plan. This will allow you to personalise your kitchen based on our products. Send the finished dimensioned project with a list of elements to us and we will help you complete your shopping list. We will adapt our fronts to your redesigned cabinets and drawers without any problems.

Pure, American walnut veneer, Norwegian Wood Collection

Tailor-made kitchen

What if you decide to have your kitchen cabinets made by a carpenter?

For custom kitchen cabinets, you can order our fronts in any size to fit such a base. Then we offer them without pre-drillings. They will be made for you by a carpenter, who will match the fronts to the installation with the cabinets they prepare. In this case, send us the project of your kitchen, with a list of elements prepared and dimensioned by the carpenter, and we will help you prepare a personalised shopping list.

Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit, American walnut veneer

Curate your own interior

You can complement your kitchen design with our Shelving Concept. When deciding on the Norwegian Wood Collection, consider our Shelving Unit or Single Shelf, which will create a striking whole in combination with a kitchen made of natural veneer.


A minimalist Shelving Unit from our offer, hung on the wall, will perfectly complement the design of an open kitchen. Our geometry and light, in the form of a Single Shelf above the worktop, will allow you to display objects that are important to you. Both of these products are available in five shades of carefully selected veneers from the Norwegian Wood Collection.

Modern, Sand colour, Terra Lacquered Fronts Collection

How about going a step further? Veneered and lacquered panels give you the opportunity to expand your kitchen with shelves of your own design. With them, you can create more storage space, build niches with shelves, or install a shelf of your own design. This is proven by the inspiring solutions from our community that you will find in the Journal.


Get creative, prepare your individual dimensioned design, consult with us, and we will help you to realise your brave ideas.

Blade, Natural oak veneer, Norwegian Wood Collection
Stripe, Smoked oak veneer, Norwegian Wood Collection

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