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Redefining The Parisian Apartment Through Sophisticated Comfort

Project design: Alice Lacherez Interior Design  |  Interior photography: Hervé Goluza

11th arrondissement of Paris gained yet another impeccable design of an apartment by Alice Lacherez featuring our fronts. Natural palette and dégagé elegance of the space harmonise by the supremacy of toned hues and earthy materials. Contrasts attract. The apartment draws attention with its unmatched selection of subdued textures evoking Parisian ambience.

Grain of wood

With bay windows of a significant size, which allow natural light to feel at home, the designer decided to act on their primal value and make it a leading motive in the space. Enhancing the natural light with some warmth and depth was a priority.

Multidimensionality stemming from our American Walnut, that covers the entire surface of both kitchenettes, tones in with the structure of the stone in a non-obvious way.

Both materials bask in the sunlight creating alluring depth. The solid wood floor and off-white walls deepen the effect of comfort. The owners, inspired by the changes introduced by Alice, decided to complement the dining room and living room area with a personal selection of furniture.

Kitchen: Blade fronts, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

Multidimensional nature of the kitchen

Kitchen’s brightness juxtaposed with fronts from our Norwegian Wood collection and a granite countertop combined with mirrored cabinets define the living space. All the compositions play harmoniously with the travertine dining table and soft upholstered chairs.

Kitchen: Blade fronts, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

Kitchen cabinets were placed by two adjacent walls, and their part under the window became a meeting spot for coffee and an additional place to store accessories. American Walnut plays a key role here. The veneered fronts were gifted the handles from our Blade model, which introduces a geometric line while still being comfortable in everyday use.

Bathroom: Pure fronts, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

Veneer taking over the bathroom

The affinity of the bathroom and the kitchen is solidified by structures and colours – walnut is the common denominator. The wood grain on the Pure fronts is a complement to the well-thought-out space with details in the shade of patinated gold and green ceramic tiles. The bathroom prolongates the style of the living area with its shades of natural veneer and stone.

Alice Lacherez Interior Design

Alice Lacherez, interior designer and founder of a Parisian design studio. She improved her skills at ESA Saint-Luc in Belgium, the Just’in Home Design agency with Flemish influence and different ateliers located in Paris. During her career, she has been involved in various projects concerning public spaces, exclusive interiors and original furniture. Alice translates her experience into technical proficiency and creativity while looking at interior design and individual projects.

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