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Drawers: How To Organise Your Kitchen?

A personal kitchen is more than just looks, it is also key to organise it in such a way that makes it convenient to use. This is why it is so important that the cabinet interiors are also well managed, and the solutions to these needs are carefully selected drawers.

In this guide, we will walk you through five basic arrangement options for wooden drawers to help you get the most out of them. From concealed drawers to cutlery organisers, combining aesthetics and functionality, all of which will allow you to create a harmonious kitchen space.

Organisation without disturbing the aesthetics

Wave front model in Limestone, Terra Collection
Oak Wooden Drawers

For storing smaller kitchen items, such as chopping boards, pot lids or spices, inner drawers will work well. This discreet solution will create sections that will accommodate all flat accessories, and at the same time, make it easier to segregate things as needed.

The use of several inner drawers behind a single front creates a functional storage unit.

Best of all, drawers made of oak wood will help maintain a stylistic consistency with the fronts and kitchen countertop, with their carpentry joints visible on the corners functioning as decorative details when the drawer is opened.

Copious space for large items

Blade front model in Mushroom, Terra Collection
Oak Wooden Drawers

Bulky kitchen utensils, such as strainers, blenders or larger pots, take up a lot of space. In such cases, deep, fully extending drawers will work perfectly. They allow quick and easy access to all stored items. The deep bottom drawer is a perfect place to hide a food processor and other household appliances that usually take up space on the countertop.

Pantry behind the door of the kitchen cabinet

Fronts on a kitchen pantry Blade model in Mushroom, Terra Collection

An alternative to the traditional pantry can be the installation of several drawers behind the door of the kitchen cabinet. This option will allow you to create a spacious place for food and preserves segregated in containers. Thanks to this, everything will be at your fingertips and every single jar will be well visible.

Top view of the tableware

Traditionally, plates, vases, glasses and stemware are hidden in a sideboard or cabinets hanging on the wall. However, it is worth considering keeping tableware in drawers. The top view will help you easily identify your favourite plates and cups. The design of the drawers allows for efficient stacking of items and prevents shifting, which ensures order and accessibility of tableware.

Create order with cutlery organisers

Cutlery Organisers

Compartments help keep things in order, especially small ones. That is why our cutlery organisers, matched to the size of the drawers, will ensure that kitchen utensils are properly arranged and separated. They will help to maintain harmony, so that every fork, knife or spoon finds its place, and removing and inserting cutlery becomes more intuitive.

Blade front model in Mushroom, Terra Collection
Oak Wooden Drawers

It is worth investing in the right configuration of wooden drawers, considering their options and unique features, to make them the ultimate answer to your specific storage needs. This will allow you to create a visually attractive and efficient kitchen where everything has its place.


Thanks to MOMA studio for providing the kitchen accessories.

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