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A Kitchen Island Tailored To Your Needs

The kitchen island makes cooking pleasurable, provides full comfort in everyday use and is an important meeting place for household members. Where should you start when planning an island in different types of kitchen space? Read the guide and create your own island with our fronts.

The island has a wide range of functions: storage, cooking, eating. Properly selected fronts and panels make it the heart of your kitchen.

Pure fronts and panels, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

Specify a function to better plan your island

Organisation of work zones is crucial in good planning. The main task of the island is to facilitate kitchen work, so its layout should be well thought out and adjusted to your needs.


When creating a space for storing accessories or supplies on the island, you should take care of the appropriate number of cabinets, recesses and shelves. If you care about the work zone, install sockets to which you can connect kitchen appliances. The location of the oven or the hob will determine the cooking zone, provide it with adequate ventilation. You can also put a sink or a dishwasher on the island, then remember to prepare the plumbing. If the island is wide enough, you can easily place chairs or stools. This is the method to achieve an extra place to eat meals or even work.

Stripe, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

A free-standing island in the kitchen

Before starting your kitchen design, consider the layout and size. A kitchen in one spacious room is a great place to build a free-standing island in it. This solution allows to gain the pleasure of cooking, unrestricted comfort and freely separated areas based on functions. With such an island and good organisation, every necessary elements of kitchen challenges will be at your hand.

Stripe fronts, Pure panels, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

The island finishing should be matched to the style of the kitchen fronts. Another solution involves a contrasting finishing, such as choosing Stripe milled fronts or Wave panels with smooth fronts of the same colour. A kitchen with lacquered fronts will gain subtle curves if you finish its corners with bent panels.

Seven things worth remembering:

1/ The distance between the island and the cabinets is at least 100 cm.

2/ The minimum width of the island for the convenience of its use is 60 cm.

3/ Make sure you have the right lighting for kitchen work.

4/ Remember about the proper layout of electrical sockets.

5/ Provide ventilation in the room.

6/ Connect the plumbing to the washing area.

7/ Remember to mask the sides and edges, your panels should be 2 cm longer.

Stripe fronts, Pure panels, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

Kitchen peninsula

If you want to connect the kitchen and living space, the peninsula is the solution for you. The island adjacent to the wall on one side is a multifunctional piece of furniture and an architectural trick to divide the space. Opening the kitchen to the living room or dining room will visually enlarge the room. In addition, the kitchen peninsula will allow you to interact with household members and guests. An additional island top can also be used as a dining room for morning breakfasts or a remote workplace.

Pure fronts and panels, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

Remember that the peninsula forehead and sides will be visible from the living room or dining room, so take care of their style by choosing your favourite models of fronts or panels.

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