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4 Most Common Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid

Curated kitchen design – where ideas about aesthetic space mingle with functionality. We suggest how to avoid the most common planning slips and complete the entire process smoothly so that you can create a bespoke kitchen according to your needs.

1/ Unexpected renovation schedules: Be prepared to wait

Model Modern, Terracotta, Terra Collection

When designing the interior of your home, including the kitchen, investing in custom-made solutions like FRØPT is worth your while. Tailored made orders guarantee better quality and the ability to adapt the furniture to personal preferences. In addition to the extra benefits associated with customization, one should expect a longer waiting time for the production and delivery of furniture. The extended lead time is a natural part of the process, contributing to the exceptional nature of custom-made items. Accurate measurement, design, ordering parts, waiting for delivery and assembly – you need to be aware of all those stages.


In the case of installation, before setting the date, make sure that all kitchen elements, including built-in household appliances, arrive on time. Even a slight delay of several days may affect the outcome of the entire project. Therefore, it is good to make sure you have enough time and do not schedule a fitter too early.

Good to know: Delivery time for a FRØPT order fluctuates between 8 and 11 weeks. Therefore, preparing a kitchen design should be one of the first steps in the renovation course. While the elements for your kitchen are being manufactured, finishing works are carried out, and at the end you will be able to install your fronts.

2/ Underestimated budget: Include all components

Stripe model, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

Kitchen is the most vital room in the house for many. An inaccurately estimated budget can prevent from fully enjoying its full potential. It is worth planning the kitchen comprehensively ahead of time, bearing in mind what the cabinets, countertops, floors and walls will look like and what the household appliances will be. You should also think about the insides of the cabinets. The inside shelves can be replaced with full-access wooden drawers, which translate into quality and functionality of everyday use.

Good to know: Include cabinet and drawer fronts, cover panels, plinths and handles in your shopping list to find out the exact price of your kitchen.

3/ Incorrect measurement: Analyse the space in detail

Model Pure, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

Accurate measurements of the kitchen will allow you to adjust the size of the cabinets and necessary equipment, as well as the length of the countertop. Building up all the empty spaces between walls, cabinets and floor will make the kitchen fit perfectly into the room.

For convenience, store less frequently used items in the upper cabinets – it is preferable to avoid a large number of shelves there. Base cabinets should open freely (drawers will work best in them). There should be enough space around the oven and dishwasher so that they do not disturb the effortless flow in the kitchen.


The most prominent way to implement a kitchen work triangle, with a sink forming a point between a refrigerator and a stove, is a kitchen island. The distance between these three points should be a maximum of a few steps.

Good to know: The design should feature solutions for unevenness, the route of chimneys, pipes and select cover panels and plinths accordingly – imperfections will be unnoticeable and the whole thing will become more elegant.

4/ Misguided installation: Install the fronts with a professional

Pure Model and Dividers, Natural Oak, Norwegian Wood Collection

It is better to leave the installation to professionals. An experienced installer will level kitchen cabinets and fronts, cut panels and properly mask kitchen equipment. That guarantees the desired quality of the kitchen, its functionality and aesthetics in finishing details.


The kitchen should meet the needs of future users, and its implementation should be realistic in terms of time, budget and space. Taking into account the above tips, we can be sure that the project will lead to precise construction of the kitchen and quality of use.

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