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About Praise Of Life In Minimalism

Oliver is a passionate connoisseur of fashion and design based in Hamburg. For years, he has been creating inspirational content on his blog that praises simplicity. In his photos, he shows carefully selected objects, architecture, and nature with a focus on details. In his creations, he takes inspiration from traveling to harmonious places. The Italian Forestis Dolomites hotel, the Cretan Malia Park Hotel in Crete, and the Designhotel Casa Cook El Gouna in Egypt are just some of the venues that became the backgrounds of his photo sessions.

Both in life and inside his home, Oliver focuses on minimalism. The objects he chooses are a consistent and well-thought-out whole. Recently, he organised the space of his living room with our Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit. Read our conversation to discover more.

When I look at the Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit by FRØPT, it reminds me that a lot of Japanese design is multifaceted.

You define yourself as a modern, urban man of today. What does that mean for you?

Being free, creative, and thinking outside the box.


Your creations emanate the idea of simplicity, where are you looking for inspiration to create them?

I get a lot of inspiration from various industries such as architecture, fashion, nature, and of course I like to visit concept stores because this is where I get particularly creative.

What are your guidelines for designing the interior of your home?

I attach great importance to statement pieces, as they give me a base to create each room. Those key elements will accompany me for a long time, and of course follow my interior style. In my home, I am surrounded by earthy colours and natural materials such as wood, stone, ceramics, textiles, and leather.

Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit, Natural Oak, FRØPT
Oliver Milczarek

You chose the oak Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit for your living room, what fascinated you about it?

I especially like the inspiration from Japanese aesthetics. When I look at the Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit by FRØPT, it reminds me that a lot of Japanese design is multifaceted. Delicate fabrics with cherry blossom patterns, silently gliding paper screens, and many more details. For sure, I really like the use of natural materials and praise the geometry contained in this piece of furniture.

What is so special about a minimalist life?

For me, a minimalistic life is a way of life with few rules, a simple life of freedom and light-heartedness. This way of life is really easy to understand, just like the idea of the capsule wardrobe is closely related to minimalism. The Capsule Wardrobe focuses on quality instead of fast fashion, staying true to the old motto “class instead of mass”.

On your blog, we can see many projects related to fashion, design, and travel. Do you spend a lot of time at work, and how do you maintain a balance between work and private life?

Since I’ve been running my personal blog as a blogger for well over 10 years, I’ve learned to take breaks and take a social media detox from time to time. Of course, this also includes spending a few days just concentrating on your family and friends.

You told us that you have lived in Hamburg for seven years. What is worth seeing when visiting this city?

I feel at home in Hamburg. The Dockland spot is actually the most exciting place in Hamburg for me. This futuristic office building in the form of a parallelogram towers 40 metres over the Elbe like the bow of a ship. There is a public viewing platform on its roof that can be reached via a flight of stairs. The climb up around 140 steps is rewarded with a view of the Elbe and the harbour. The name Dockland was chosen based on the dock areas in London, which have been converted into residential and office buildings. It was designed by the Hamburg architect team of Jens Bothe, Kai Richter and Hadi Teherani, who are architects I’m really in love with.

Where will Fashion Whisper and Travel Whisper travel to next?

At the beginning of June, we will travel from southern Germany to Austria and then to South Tyrol. 2 weeks will be spent on our content trip and we are really looking forward to the landscape, new contacts, and also the delicious food. In addition, we both use our social media to present exciting and inspiring hotel concepts to our community.