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Discover The Memphis Lacquered Fronts Collection

Geometry, unconventional forms, and colours that stimulate creativity. These are the main inspirations for our latest collection.

40 years after the Memphis Group was founded, we pay tribute to it by using expressive shapes and colours in our Memphis collection.

The beginning of the Memphis style dates back to the early 1980s, when Italian designers challenged the world of design. Calling themselves the Memphis Group, they have influenced fashion, design, and architecture through experimentation. Thanks to them, the colourful spirit of pop culture entered the interiors of houses. The group’s projects were characterised by a carefree spirit and playfulness in a combination of forms and bold colours. 

Memphis is a style that pushed the boundaries of design.

Wave model in a Butter Yellow colour

Our collection interprets the style and assumptions of the Memphis Group in our own unique way. We refer to them both directly by name and by character, moving away from organic earth tones and natural materials. Influenced by the aesthetics of Italian designers, we play with colour and geometry. 

Through waves, lines, oval forms and delicious colours, we want to draw you into a playful world.

Our collection of fronts is built around two soft pastel shades: Butter Yellow and Honest Blue. With these colours you will be able to create a surprisingly versatile interior.

Wave model in a Butter Yellow colour

Butter Yellow

A pastel tone that is perceived as being soothing and warm. A delicious colour that appeals to the sense of taste. Your kitchen or wardrobe in this colour will stand out from the rest.

Honest Blue

A shade that resembles a cloudless sky. This paint introduces a fresh tone that will give your home a new lease of life. Honest Blue creates a friendly space and will stimulate the creativity of your household.

Additionally, both colours are available in models from the regular FRØPT collection.

Balde model in a Honest Blue colour

Unconventional form

Curved panels and two new front models, Blade and Wave, complement the colour scheme of the collection. The motives of line, wave, and round forms that we have introduced have a sense of movement, while their shapes are more refined and appealing to the eye. This makes kitchens in these models appear elegant and modern. Your kitchen island will receive a surprising personality boost from curved corners, making the whole room more expressive and gaining that Memphis spirit.

Wave model in a Butter Yellow colour

Memphis Lacquered Fronts Collection is available from