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Kitchen In The Perfect Layout

Planning a kitchen that is both functional and comfortable is essential for anyone who enjoys spending time there. Our guide is designed to help you create a layout that maximises your available space and meets your specific needs. We’ll also provide you with helpful advice for estimating your budget based on the size: small, medium, or large kitchen.

 Here you can compare prices for your chosen kitchen layout for different models and colours of our fronts.

1/ The essence of a small kitchen

Appropriately selected fronts

A kitchen located in a small room or a small annex in the living room does not have to be a modest addition to the rest of the interior. Properly selected fronts and the arrangement of cabinets will make such a kitchen a showcase of the apartment or office.

Fronts model Modern, Khaki, Terra Collection
Maximally utilised space

When planning a small kitchen, find a place for a refrigerator or other freestanding appliances. In any case, the countertop should have the largest possible usable area, where you can place a heating plate and a sink. Remember also to keep a distance between cooking and washing zones. To optimise the space, drawers will be a practical solution instead of open cabinets and corners, as well as compact household appliances, such as a narrow dishwasher.

Norwegian Wood Shelving Unit, Natural Oak
Norwegian Wood Single Shelf, Smoked Oak

To maximise the space, you can place a shelf above the countertop or a shelf on the adjacent wall. Nooks allow you to arrange them with panels on cabinets, and such a design is a good place, for example, for a coffee corner.

2/ Medium-sized kitchen for cooking tasks

Balance between storage space and workspace

A medium-sized kitchen in the shape of an “L” is one of the most frequently chosen solutions. Not without reason, in such a kitchen, due to its functional layout, it is pleasant to devote oneself to cooking. Its plan may include both a wall unit with upper cabinets and built-in household appliances. Thanks to fronts for a refrigerator or dishwasher, the kitchen block gains a coherent and elegant look.

Fronts model Pure, MDF, Terra Collection
Convenient arrangement of household appliances

The oven does not have to be in the lower part of the cabinets, placed higher allows for more convenient access to baked goods, and the space under the countertop will be released for storage.

Fronts model Modern, Terracotta, Terra Collection
Fronts model Pure, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection
Focus on freedom of movement

Analyse the space designated for the kitchen carefully. It may turn out that instead of an “L” plan, a combination of cabinets on one wall with a peninsula will be a better solution. Such an arrangement will allow you to move freely between work areas and practically separate the kitchen area from the living room.

3/ Large kitchen for extensive perspectives

Multifunctional kitchen space

A large kitchen island connecting the far ends of the room is an additional worktop. The central part of the large kitchen can also serve as a styling space where you can set decorations and flowers that change with the seasons.

Fronts model Stripe, American Walnut, Norwegian Wood Collection

A kitchen with an island in a larger room will accommodate all the sophisticated accessories and dishes that will help you realise your most daring culinary ideas. It will also be an excellent place for family and friends gatherings.

Fronts model Blade, Natural Oak, Norwegian Wood Collection
Custom Built-In Elements

With a larger kitchen space, it is possible to dedicate it to a variety of functions such as a pantry for food storage, a wine cellar, or even create a space for coffee meetings. These elements will add functionality and a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

Fronts model Modern, Sand, Terra Collection
Have you chosen your kitchen layout?

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