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Limestone And Mushroom: New Off-White Colours Of The Terra Collection

At FRØPT, we express our appreciation for interiors that enrich everyday life. We value the quality of the materials, the craftsmanship and the harmonious combination of objects and colours to create a coherent and balanced design. Enchantment with beautiful interiors is combined with an understanding of the role they have in shaping our surroundings and influencing our wellbeing.


In keeping with this idea, these new colours refresh the earthy palette of the Terra collection. The two shades, Limestone and Mushroom, realise the desire to bring an understated luxury to the interior, a balance between sophistication and subtlety.

Limestone, Terra Collection
Mushroom, Terra Collection

Discerning the shift towards light colours, we have made a selection of two warm tones as alternatives to the timeless white.

Introducing Limestone and Mushroom, new colours for lacquered fronts to create classic yet layered interior designs.

The new white in the earthy palette is soft warmth, with a matt finish, developing a sense of cosiness. It is intended to add elegance to contemporary interiors.


Creamy white

Soft limestone with a warm creamy and off-white hue provides a feeling of calmness to create layered interiors.

Limestone, Wave model, Terra Collection, Plankton handles

It blends harmoniously well with natural materials such as warm Oak and Walnut wood, dramatic textured marble, brass or dense textiles. Limestone, while softening the more expressive elements of an interior, will provide a subtle background for a cosy arrangement where you want to linger.

Mushroom, Blade model, Terra Collection


Warm beige

Mushroom, organic like forest fungi, is a light shade of beige with a hint of subdued greige. It elevates the interior by adding a modern elegance.

Mushroom, Blade model, Terra Collection

This colour serves as a classic backdrop for your home and is the perfect base to complement darker tones. It is a refined complement to natural materials such as darker veneer or stone, as its shade emphasises their sophistication. When used alone, it will create a timeless and versatile kitchen, open to personalised solutions. From your doorstep, the shade of Mushroom will soothe your senses. 

Limestone and Mushroom are our contemporary take on classic white. Combining its timelessness with refined earthy and warm tones in a matt finish, these colours create a sense of quiet luxury in interiors.

Limestone, Wave model, Terra Collection, Plankton handles

The perfect duo with veneer

Our creamy white and warm beige is a response to a drive to combine styles and materials in interiors. Both shades will harmonise with the natural veneer styling, enhancing the quality of the finish. The Limestone colour, contrasted with the light veneer, emphasises its natural grain creating a welcoming and cosy atmosphere. Mushroom, on the other hand, composed with darker smoked oak wood will create a distinct and sophisticated space.

Mushroom, Blade model, Terra Collection | Norwegian Wood Single Shelf, Smoked oak

Limestone and Mushroom are the base to create your own arrangements in both the kitchen and other parts of the house.

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