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5 Natural Colours For Your Kitchen

Before you panic when choosing a kitchen colour based on the latest trends, know that white will always defend itself. So if you imagine yours white, you can stick to that plan. However, if you want to create a soothing and authentic space, use earth tones.

Khaki fronts from Terra collection

Green is still
“that kitchen”

The kitchen of 2022 is a tribute to Mother Earth because sustainable living has never been so important. This is evident not only through design ideas and eco-friendly products. Also, a palette of greenery referring directly to nature has made its way into our homes for good. The bottle green had its moment, now is Khaki time. A saturated shade of earthy green combined with brass elements will ensure a subdued and elegant look of your kitchen.

Greige fronts from Terra collection

Can gray still be trendy?

Of course! It can be classified as a natural and safe colour, thanks to which it can stand the test of time. A kitchen in this shade is not intimidating, and its simplicity and ease of combination with various types of countertops make it reliable. So if you value pragmatism, choose Greige fronts, it will certainly be fashionable in 10 years.

Sand fronts in Modern model

Sand beige is the
new white

No wonder that with the growing popularity of light, earthy shades, and monochrome interiors, the trend for this colour quickly reached the kitchen. Beige is a versatile neutral colour, it creates a calm and harmonious style that is refined and modern. It makes the kitchen look clean and bright, but with warmth, that white cannot compete with. In addition, it fits classic fronts with a frame or more modern, smooth ones.

Terracotta fronts from Terra collection

Red balance

This deep and saturated colour will make your kitchen very personal. After all, you spend a lot of time in it. Terracotta coloured fronts will make it more energetic and stimulate your creativity. On the other hand, this shade with the help of calm accessories in natural colours will create a space where you can find your inner balance.

Raw MDF from Terra collection

One of a kind solution

A kitchen made of a colorless lacquered MDF board is a non-obvious idea for creating a modern interior. In this finish, the material is fully visible with all details. The lack of repeatability and unpredictability of individual elements adds character, and the warm and subdued colour of the fronts fits perfectly with natural materials and subdued tones. This is definitely a proposition for creative people who like unconventional ideas.

Discovery set

Order a sample and see which design suits your apartment best.