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Kitchen Trends For 2023

Specifically for the start of the year, we have compiled a list of kitchen trends you should definitely check out.

The insights gained suggest that, in a dynamically transforming reality, we will place even more importance on nature and ensure a relaxed social atmosphere at home. Find out about new trends and be inspired in arranging your own kitchen space.

Butter Yellow, Wave model, curved panel, Memphis lacquered fronts collection

Curved shapes

Arches and curves are now firmly established in interiors, and this year the shift towards organic and rounded shapes will strengthen. Kitchens with curved edges become more appealing in form and ergonomics with the use of curved panels. They will be enhanced by lamps, objects and furniture with smooth shapes. The kitchen fronts will follow the trend of roundness through milled patterns, like our  Wave model.

Sand, Modern model, Terra lacquered fronts collection

All shades of white

The bright white kitchen is still withstanding the test of time, and this year we will be witnessing it in different interpretations. The dominant broken white will come in shades of grey, beige or sand. Such a kitchen should be personalised by adding warming touches and elegant accessories. When choosing shades of white, it is worth opting for discreet luxury in the furnishings.

American Walnut, Pure model, Norwegian Wood Collection
Natural Birch, Stripe model, Norwegian Wood Collection

Textures in the kitchen

Indeed, the fact that stone and marble reign supreme in trends, introducing a touch of drama, is no secret. The stone pattern will appear on the kitchen worktop, but also on the adjoining walls in the form of panels. An alternative to this material is the natural clay Zellige tiles with their irregular texture, which originated in ancient Morocco. Eye-catching, expressive textures are a unique interior decoration, so we also appreciate the wood grains of natural veneers or  three-dimensional lacquered fronts.

Smoked Oak, Blade model, Norwegian Wood Collection
Smoked oak, Pure model, Norwegian Wood collection

Atmospheric dark shades

After a period of anxiety, it is time for conclusions and reflections. The shade palettes go into darker tones to introduce a contemplative atmosphere. The subtle maximalism and intensity is for those who value individualism and elements of mysticism. Such is the atmospheric wood of  American Walnut, Smoked Oak and  Bog OakKitchen fronts in dimmer shades create a soothing space for relaxation.

Smoked Oak, Blade model, Norwegian Wood Collection

Layered interiors 

If there was anything that characterised the 1970s, it was consistency and a passion for leisure. The style is all about layers of soft textures with shades that go into oranges, cognacs, rusts and chocolate tones. All the interacting interior elements create a harmonious space. The kitchen in such a multidimensional interior is comfortable and cosy, full of wood combined with natural stone, but also smoky glass, earthy colours and even thick, fleshy fabrics. So arranged, it will ensure your comfort and the delight of your guests.

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