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5 kitchen trends for 2022

Over the last year, we have been carefully looking at your needs and expectations regarding the kitchen. Below you will find some trends that we have managed to observe and which are becoming stronger and stronger in the way of kitchen design.

Are you wondering if the pandemic has changed our habits? Read on for yourself.

American Walnut fronts in Modern model.

The power of nature

The use of natural materials in kitchen planning was undoubtedly the leading trend of the passing year and everything indicates that 2022 will not bring big changes in this regard. We are still eager to choose warm shades of natural wood and stones with a neutral pattern, creating interiors full of peace and harmony. Combining different shades of wood is no longer a faux pas – wood can appear simultaneously on kitchen fronts, floors, tables and chairs, and breaking them with a stone accent means that the interiors designed in this way do not lose their sophisticated character.

Spark of joy

Another year, which we were forced to spend in large part at home, meant that we needed them to become a place where we can distance ourselves from everyday problems. There was a need to introduce expressive accents to the interior emphasizing our personality and being an expression of unpretentious joy. As a result, also in kitchens, we see more and more examples of breaking natural materials with contrasting additives. One of our favorite examples is the American walnut kitchen with blue hanging cabinets.

American walnut fronts in Stripe model.

Kitchen being a kitchen

The pandemic has made us stop thinking about the kitchen as just the visually pleasing part of the house. The kitchen has become a functional place again, in which we want to move around efficiently and perform our tasks. We want the individual zones to be well planned, the equipment easily accessible, and the worktops to be properly illuminated. A kitchen is again a place where we prepare large meals, experiment with new recipes and for this reason, it triumphantly returns to the title of the heart of the house.

Natural Oak fronts in Modern model.

Hide it all

In the last year, the kitchen has become a place that we actively use, so its good layout becomes crucial in designing. Storage space becomes an important element of the kitchen: upper cabinets give way to high buildings with a modern form or more classic pantries. Household appliances are built-in high order to leave as much usable space as possible in easily accessible drawers. Functionally, it does not mean ugly, so the geometry and good proportions are of great importance in the design of the kitchen. The decisive construction contrasts with the free space above the worktop.

Lacquered fronts in Sand colour and Modern model.

Kitchen – life balance

All changes in the use of the kitchen observed during the pandemic led to the most radical change in recent years: the separation of the kitchen as a separate room. After years of planning the kitchen as one of the elements of the living room, there was a sudden need to introduce a border between these zones. This does not mean that we have suddenly stopped liking kitchens, on the contrary, the appearance of the kitchen is no longer determined by the decor of the living room and we can give it all our attention, without any compromises. And any party can end in the kitchen again.

No matter how many square meters we intend to devote to our kitchen, one thing is for sure, the kitchen becomes a part of the house where life is vivid again.

It is sure: the kitchen going big again and we’re not ashamed of it!